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Week 5 of Pandemic Survival Guide for the Clay Obsessed!

It's week... oh, do I even want to keep track of the weeks anymore? Ah well, it's week five, friends.  Are you all hanging in there? I hope this weeks newsletter helps!

Please share these articles and links with your classes or communities.  We could all use a little creative pick-me-up right now.

So, without further ado, the links for the week! 

Attend a Ceramics Conference for only $10? 

Hell Yea!

That's right, $10! The Ceramic Congress virtual conference is May 1st-3rd, 2020. Three days of workshops, group discussions, and a virtual expo sounds like the best way to spend three days of this quarantine to me! There will be 25+ ceramic artists leading workshops, group discussions, and Q&A's. Did I mention it was only $10?!

BKLYN CLAY has a YouTube Channel

BKLYN CLAY, a Brooklyn based ceramic studio, has been hosting demos, discussions, and studio tours lead by their teachers and staff through Instagram Live

and Zoom. Now, they are offering those

demos on their YouTube Channel

Ceramics Art+Perception and Ceramics Technical

These are both subscription based, biannual publications through Mansfield Ceramics. These are great resources for inspiration and technical how-to's. You can peruse their catalog of articles and read a snippet of each before you decide to subscribe. If you like what you see, you can subscribe to the digital version for

$13 for the year. 

Didem Mert shares her knowledge!

If you don't know the work of Didem Mert, then you need to look her up STAT! Her work is funky and fresh. Not only is her website full of her beautiful work, but she also shares her technical clay knowledge.  You can find info on Terra Sig, taking photos, and how to tweak glazes.

Go check it out!


Check out this instagram hashtag. 

It is mostly full of ceramic work, with the occasional cute dog pictures. But hey, you might find some new inspiration!

This hashtag is just fun. Everyday objects found in odd placements. You get the good, the weird, and the just plain crazy stacks of objects found on the street. There's even a @betterthansculpture account you can follow!

Perceived Value Podcast

I've got another podcast for you all to listen to! Perceived Value is hosted by Philadelphia based Contemporary Jeweler, Sarah Rachel Brown. The tag line for Perceived Value Podcast is "A podcast broaching the subject of value with artists."  Artists all around the country are asked tough questions about making a living as an artist.  Give it a listen!

Here's to keeping ourselves busy and distracted! Be well, everyone!


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