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Week 6 of Pandemic Survival Guide for the Clay Obsessed!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

I hope you all get to go outside for a walk to enjoy the beauty that is Mother Earth. 

It's week 6, I think... I was hoping to find some links that talked about sustainability and clay but they are hard to come by.  So, let's all make sure to use our materials as efficiently as we can and try to figure out ways to make our beloved craft more sustainable.

Please share these articles and links with your classes or communities.  We could all use a little creative pick-me-up right now.

So, without further ado, the links for the week! 

Put all that waste clay and glaze to good use.

Deb Schwartzkopf's Rat City Studios in Seattle, Washington puts all of their waste clay and glaze to good use by making pavers out of it. Check out their instructional video on just how to go about doing that. While you're at it, check out the resources section of the website. It is full of great information on a range of topics!

Check out Socially Engage Craft Collective


This artist collective is now hosting a Zoom chat series and calling it the Socially Distanced but Engaged Craft Collective. They are using their Zoom account as a "Virtual Art Center" and will be offering these discussions for free!

The best part is, they are taking submissions for topic ideas! To your right is tonight's topic. I know I will be joining this one, I hope to see some of you there tonight! 

You can learn more by clicking the link below. You can find the Zoom ID by scrolling down to todays date (which for anyone that doesn't know what day it is, its Wednesday, April 22. I know, I didn't know either until just now).

92Y Virtual Clay 

92Y in New York City has been offering these Virtual Clay online realtime classes for some time now. While it is too late to get your tickets for tonight's program, you can view the OnDemand Archives for past programs, which range in price. I believe there will be more programs in the future that you can participate in, so keep your eyes peeled. 

The Tours must go on!

We are approaching spring pottery tour season around the country and they can't be stopped! The 28th Annual St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour is still on, just a little differently this year. With sixty-five potters that normally set up at seven host studios, this is usually a large event. This year the artists will be hosting the tour virtually. Follow the link to find all of the host locations and participating potters. Some potters are even offering virtual video-chat shopping!

The Potters Cast Podcast

I've got another podcast for you folks! The Potters Cast is hosted by Paul Blais, a self proclaimed "functional hobbyist." In each episode he interviews ceramicists from all over about topics ranging from the perfect apron to branding and selling online. 

Here's to keeping ourselves busy and distracted! Be well, everyone!


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