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Week 2 of Pandemic Survival Guide for the Clay Obsessed!

Welcome to the Pandemic Survival Guide for the Clay Obsessed! Since I have sooo much time on my hands right now, I figured why not jazz it up a bit! Each week I will share links to a few different websites, organizations, and resources that are all things clay! I might also smatter in a few general art resources as well!

Feel free to share these emails with your classes or communities as well. We could all use a little creative pick-me-up right now.

Now, without further ado, the links for the week!

NCECA is still on...kinda sorta

If you aren't on Instagram, now is a good time to join! Some of the demo artists and speakers will still be giving their talks just through Instagram Live. Below is a link to NCECA's page to follow all of the artists that will be sharing each day.

CFile - Contemporary Ceramic Art + Design

CFile is a great resource for your daily dose of ceramic inspiration. Each day they post a new article about the goings on in the ceramic world!

Clay at Home LIVE!

Via The Clay Studio

Currently The Clay Studio is broadcasting live videos on YouTube. They're covering topics ranging from sharing their staffs personal collections to making tools with materials found around the house. You can find out when they will be live by following their Instagram as well. (They're also an amazing local ceramics organization worth supporting!)


For all the moms (and dads) out there that are struggling to figure out how to keep their kids busy, Jessica Reed Kraus of @houseinhabit is posting craft project ideas using everyday household items. Think egg cartons and empty toilet paper rolls! You can find her craft ideas for kids in the "Craft Inspo" story on her Instagram page.

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