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Week 3 of Pandemic Survival Guide for the Clay Obsessed!

Welcome to week three of the Pandemic Survival Guide for the Clay Obsessed! I don't know about you, but cabin fever has started to set in over here...This weeks links should help to stave that off, at least for a bit.

Feel free to share these emails with your classes or communities as well. We could all use a little creative pick-me-up right now.

Now, without further ado, the links for the week!

Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

Looking for something to listen to while you get all of those "someday when I have time" projects done? Potter Ben Carter interviews Ceramic Artists from all over on Tales of a Red Clay Rambler. With about 9 years worth of interviews this will surely keep your brain occupied for a long time. Definitely give the Warren Mackenzie episode a listen to.

Backyard clay foraging?

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

In need of clay but can't find anywhere to buy it? Get out there and dig your own!

West Chester University Ceramics Professor, and now good friend of mine, Andrew Snyder (Hi Andrew!) has a 3 part YouTube series on just how to go about doing that.

Disclaimer: We cannot be held accountable if you get yourself arrested...

HyperGlaze is free!

Have you been wanting to learn more about glaze and glaze chemistry? Now's your chance! HyperGlaze is offering a free download for the Spring. So get on it and get learning!

Objective Clay artist videos!

"Objective Clay is a collective of eight ceramic artists..." On their website they have a series of "Artist Videos" which include artist talks and demos. Their website is also a wealth of knowledge with reading suggestions and blog posts.

"Techniques for Not Touching Your Face,

According to Works of Art"

Thank you to The New Yorker! A little humor goes a long way, especially art history humor.

Here's to keeping ourselves busy and distracted! Be well everyone!


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